Lonnie Jones - Midwest Regional Volunteer of the Quarter!

“Lonnie has been responsible for many of our facility upgrades including a new widescreen TV, a new volunteer desk area, storage shelves on the dock and in our storage room, a new carpet, and new flooring in our kitchen area. He was instrumental in preparing our facility to reopen on 6/1/2020 after the closing due to COVID. Lonnie developed and implemented our social distancing signage, as well as a health shield between our volunteers on duty and guests entering our Center. In addition to working shifts, providing technical support to our volunteers, and leading special projects, Lonnie is also involved with our Events and Programs. Lonnie is a pillar of our airport center’s volunteer effort. His constant support of our team is critical to running our center successfully. He is recognized by his fellow volunteers for his patience, professionalism, and knowledge. We can always count on Lonnie to step up to challenges and lead by example. He’s a favorite of guests and volunteers alike.”

Hours Volunteered with the USO: 1,574

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