122nd ANG Deployment Homecoming

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The plane arrived

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Anxiously waiting

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The families waiting for their loved ones to deboard

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Waiting to greet their fellow deployed service members

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Feeding both our Airmen & women and our guests from the 410th.

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Cots are ready in the hanger

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Good Night

Friday, July 27th., we welcomed the 122nd. ANG home from their 3 month deployment. Two babies were born during the deployment and babies became toddlers and there was a proposal on the tarmac. We loved supporting the families as they awaited their service members return and then the service members once they were off the plane. It is wonderful to have the jets back under the hangers.

Approximately 250 service members from the 410th. Army Reserve unit from Milwaukee hitched a ride on the 122nd. ANG plane after experiencing issues with their plane. They were making their way to Texas after their 9 month deployment. USO of Indiana was honored to do our best to take care of their needs during this unexpected stop and overnight stay for them.

Thank you to AT&T for all the snacks you provided and Meijer for helping out with the toiletries for the 410th.

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